About us

We design transformative learning experiences that empower learners to reach their full potential.

Our Talent

Nobody has the answer, but everyone has a part of it.

Our collective engages the unique abilities of over 30 experts with background in education, research, data, programming, teaching, design, and product management.

We are a diverse bunch and we use our collective intelligence to imagine a better way to educate: more empathetic, more inclusive and more impactful.

Our Collective

Our Purpose

We unlock individuals' and organisations' full potential.

We aim to make quality education accessible to everyone, by partnering with governments, companies, universities, and NGOs to design and implement innovative learning solutions that empower learners to thrive.

Our manifesto

We believe we can change the world.

If we work together, if we are connected, if we treat others with respect, and remember to be kind. If we look for inclusive solutions, if we invest in the greater good, if we get involved even if it’s not our job, if we imagine and strive for a better way forward. If we empower creativity, if we transform mindsets, if we generously share our knowledge, and we are driven by purpose and not by profit.

We believe we can change the world together if we transform education.